Privacy Policy

Daito Denzai Co., Ltd. has established rules of 1 to 6 for collecting, proceeding and using the personal information on our website.

      1. In case we collect personal information of our website’s users, we will specify the purpose of using the data as clear as possible first and conduct the collection under the law.
      2. We will only use personal information within the purpose set in clause 1.
      3. We will conduct proper management of the personal information in order to protect the data from unauthorized access, destruction, loss and falsification.
      4. In case we outsource processing and maintenance management of personal information, we will make a contract with the subcontractor for the management of the data and conduct supervision of their operations.
      5. In case you request disclosure, amendment or removal of your personal information, we will respond promptly within a reasonable scope.
      6. We will comply with the laws and other regulations applicable to personal information and strive to continuously improve the rules mentioned above.